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    An antique sink with re-plumbed vintage faucet combines with wainscott and black and white hex tile in this large bathroom.

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    A fold out laundry center saves space wwhen not in use.

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    On the Parlor floor, the 8 x 16 side room was repurposed to house a butler's pantry and small powder room. The decorative ceiling tin was sourced from a family business in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

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    This Butler's pantry was removed from a house in Massachusetts, trucked to Brooklyn, and reconfigured to make floor to cieling storage.

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    It took some effort and patience to get all the parts back together. Here is the contractor, Pietro, applying good cabinet-making sense to the puzzle.

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    The result was left and right storage that fits the space with an adequate aisle to the 1/2 bath.

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The owners of this classic Brownstone had grown up in in old homes and loved the well-used slanting floors and crooked door jambs that contain generations of history. Their growing family needed more bath, sleeping and storage base, which they wanted to add without disturbing the traditional front-to-back Brownstone plan.