Seminars + Classes at City Tech, CUNY Continuing Studies Center Information: 718 552 1170

Intro to Green Roofs & Living Walls 4/19 - 5/24
Green roof and living wall construction, installation, and maintenance. Details

Wind Turbine Installation 4/19 - 5/24
This class teaches the essentials of small wind power generation. Details

Solar Hot Water: Free Energy From The Sun  4/30 - 5/9 
This is a hands-on training course for trades people, engineers, architects, plumbers, and others who are interested in adding to or updating their existing skills for the solar thermal field. Details

Introductory Solar Energy (PV) Design and Installation 5/7 - 5/25
An introductory solar energy coursecomponents of off-grid and grid-connected PV systems. Details

Home Tool Kits   3/21 - 5/2
Everything you wanted to know about your home but were afraid to ask. Details