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Building a healthy, sustainable home without overspending your budget really is possible. It can even be a satisfying process– one that helps you define who you are and what gives your life meaning.

Debra Salomon has designed small and large projects in Brownstone Brooklyn. No matter what your budget, she will work with you to plan a space that is organized and inviting. In keeping with her recent certification as a US Green Buiding Council LEED Acredited Professional, Debra will guide you towards green alternatives to conventional building products that cut your carbon footprint without sacrificing style, function or convenience.

408 Group Design

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On Demand Hot Water

Tankless Hot Water Heaters save money and cut energy use by heating water as it is needed.
This model by Rennai qualifies for Federal Tax Credits, is Energy Star rated, and has a 96.1% efficiency rating.

tankless hot water heater